The ALFIERI DI MEMORIA – Witnesses of Memory Project – June 2021 – January 2022

The project “Witnesses of Memory” is a journey in stages, initiated and programmed in 2020 but postponed to 2021.

This journey of the Alfieri di Memoria will unfold throughout Europe from June 2021 to January 2022, animated by people – Alfieri di Memoria – Witnesses of Memory – who inherited the baton and the responsibility of “making and being memory” from the survivors of the Auschwitz concentration camp Lidia Maksymowicz and Oleg Mandic.

The Witnesses bring with them the Canvas of Memory – a flag, a symbol who left Trento at the end of the festival Living Memory – to gather thoughts and ideas to draw up, as final objective of the project, the Memory and Active Citizenship Charter.

The Witnesses travel on foot, by bicycle or by public transport, transforming borders into passages, knowledge of the past into commitment for the present, the memory of past mistakes in the promise of a better future.

At each stage, the Canvas of Memory brought by the Alfieri is going to be welcomed by local institutions, hosted by the city for a period and made available to the public by inviting those who wish to propose ideas and suggestions to draw up the Memory and Active Citizenship Charter.

At each stage, a public talk will be held in connection with Trento and EMOTL partners dedicated to a specific theme with experts, representatives of the institutions, young people and local associations. All the talks are going to be broadcasted in live streaming in order to reach a wide audience who can interact with guests.

The main objective of the “Witnesses of Memory” project is the drafting of a Memory for Active Citizenship Chart with all the reflections, values, ideals and thoughts that will be collected on the journey. The Charter will be presented as the result of the path and commitment for the future at a dedicated moment during the next Living Memory, in January 2022. 

The stages/legs of the journey: