The Auschwitz – Birkenau Declaration on combating the Holocaust denial and combating Antisemitism – MOTL 2017

We, High Level Representatives of our nations and of our organizations, participating in the March of the Living 2017, declare that:
“We take upon ourselves the solemn commitment to remember and to commemorate the millions of Jewish victims of the Holocaust, the Roma Genocide as well as other Holocaust related mass atrocities. We shall respect the survivors still with us and honor those who resisted the evil of Nazi tyranny.

We will commit to combatting all expressions of Holocaust denial, Antisemitism, Antiziganism and any form of racism or intolerance.
Inspired by the Declaration of the Stockholm International Forum on the Holocaust of the year 2000, we will strengthen the moral commitment of our peoples and the political commitment of our governments and International institutions to continue to share the tragic history of the Holocaust, and to refute those who attempt to deny or distort this part of our history.

We will promote Holocaust education and remembrance in our schools and universities and provide appropriate teaching materials and resources, to ensure that future generations understand the causes of the Holocaust and reflect upon its horrendous consequences.”