Join us from now and until the 10th of November on the Kristallnacht Virtual Campaign:

#LetThereBeLight – Shining Light Over the Darkness of Hate on:

On November 9, 1938, a two-day pogrom began during which the Nazis burned more than 1,400 synagogues and Jewish institutions in Germany and Austria on ‘Kristallnacht’ (The Night of Broken Glass), a critical moment in the chain of events that led to the Holocaust.

Today, Houses of Worship are still under attack around the world.

On November 9, 2020, International March of the Living invites individuals, institutions and Houses of Worship across the world to keep their lights on during the night of November 9th, as a symbol of solidarity and mutual commitment in the shared battle against anti-Semitism, racism, hatred and intolerance.

As part of this global campaign, people are encouraged to share messages of hope and a commitment to shine a light over the darkness of hate. Visit the campaign website by clicking here. Over 1,000 submissions have been received from around the globe in just a few days.

Included among the many venerable places of worship being illuminated are the main synagogue in Frankfurt (one of the few synagogues not destroyed on Kristallnacht), and the Old City Walls in Jerusalem.

Against the backdrop of rising antisemitism, racism, and the shadow of Covid-19, these expressions of optimism and unity will help illuminate the world against darkness and hatred.

As part of this global initiative, The International March of the Living, The Miller Center for Community Protection and Resilience at Rutgers University, and the Jüdischen Gemeinde Frankfurt are pleased to present a specially produced media event to air on the anniversary of Kristallnacht – The Night of Broken Glass, on November 9th at 7:00PM EST, on multiple platforms including the Jewish Broadcasting Service, Jerusalem Post website, and International March of the Living website by clicking here »

The program will include:

  • Kristallnacht testimony from witness Norbert Strauss and archival testimony provided by the USC Shoah Foundation
  • Keynote address from noted Auschwitz-Birkenau survivor Irving Roth
  • Paul S. Miller, Miller Center for Community Protection and Resilience, Rutgers University
  • Prof. John J. Farmer Jr., Director of the Eagleton Institute of Politics of Rutgers University and the Miller Center for Community Protection and Resilience
  • Dr. Joel Finkelstein, Rutgers Center for Secure Communities
  • Stephan Kramer, President of the State-Agency for the Protection of the Constitution in Thuringia, Germany
  • Moderated by Richard D. Heideman, President of the American Zionist Movement
  • Musical presentations by past March of the Living performers

Learn more by clicking here.