The most important result of the activities planned for the period 2020 will be the improved capacity of the European March of the Living Network (EMOTL) to involve members and concerned citizens in effective mutual actions, by undertaking mutual learning and knowledge sharing, building efficient partnerships, efficient extension of the network, including effective use of ICT and media relations.

Expected EMOTL results in 2020:

R1) Enhanced capacity of the EMOTL pan European coalition of committed organizations.
Improved quality network services including systematic mutual learning and exchange of knowledge, supporting presentation of the results to wider public and at EU level including policy makers and media.

R2) Enhanced participation in MOTL to bring up to 150 emerging leaders to discuss how to combat Antisemitism and engage them in monitoring and combating hate speech online.

R3) Expanded EMOTL network reach out, including new European countries and additional partners in countries already represented in the network.

R4) Development of at least 2 lasting twinning arrangements between our partners MORAH Austria and RBF Germany and between our Lithuanian and our Latvian partners to better address the issues of identification, mitigation, countering and combating antisemitism xenophobia, racism and other forms of intolerance.

R5) Building at least 2 efficient cross border and multiagency partnerships who may effectively engage in addressing the issue of antisemitism.
At this point we foresee such cross border and multiagency partnerships between civil society, schools, local authorities and governmental institutions and ministries in Germany.

R6) Enhanced and Updated web page as an online one stop platform linking and gathering relevant news, presenting the network and the partners activities, bringing resources and testimonies which effectively support cooperation on and off line.
Such an online platform will emulate the network partners, strengthen them as a community and supporting local, regional, national and European cooperation and mutual learning linking together communities of participants to the March of the Living.

R7) Mobilising larger audience attention based on the partners media training and the Emerging leaders’ involvement in addressing the issue of intolerance.

It will be based on the Professional use of media relations to mobilise large audience attention and participation in addressing the issue of intolerance and trainings.

An important element of those efforts will be the facilitation of the exchange of information and the dissemination of good practices and personal testimonies, regarding the fight against antisemitism, racism and xenophobia.
Such flow of information between EMOTL partners, will play an important role in building their resilience toward Antisemitism and help to formulate of the recommendation for further activities and/or enter into discussion and dialog with the EU Commission Coordinator on Combatting Antisemitism and with other associations and networks combating antisemitism and racism.