1. Establishing the first of its kind European Network gathering and engaging associations and organizations of European Citizens, especially amongst the young generation, to reflect on the causes and the horrendous consequences of the Holocaust, to act on the Present by countering racism, antisemitism and racial bigotry in order to build a Better Future.
  2. In 8 months of work since the signature on the 2018 Grant agreement with the European Commission, the European March of the Living Network managed to reach out and engage on different levels of activity and involvement, 17 organizations (Jewish Communities, non-Jewish organizations and civil society) from 14 Members States.
  3. EMOTL initiated the first of its kind delegation of 175 high schools students and 15 teachers from Orianenburg (Germany) to the 2019 March of the Living.
  4. EMOTL organized the first of its kind meetings and exchange of best practices between its partners.
  5. EMOTL initiated pairing between its partners like MORAH Austria with 5,000 Alumni and new partners like RBF Germany, or between Educators from Tolerance Centers in Lithuania and Austrian and Greek Holocaust Educators.
  6. EMOTL strengthened an intensive partnership with 130 Tolerance Centers in Lithuanian which reached out and engaged some 20,000 High Schools students in Holocaust Remembrance activities in Lithuania over the last 10 years
  7. EMOTL initiated the creation of the Community of Educators for Genocide prevention
  8. EMOTL initiated and promoted the creation of ESCAR – European Students Countering Antisemitism and Racism who will be the flaggers of hate speech in social media and work to remove the most extremist and problematic posts.