To enhance and enlarge the community of concerned European Citizens and strengthen their response at national and EU level to racism, antisemitism, antizyganism, xenophobia, hate speech and other forms of intolerance and racial bigotry.


Enlarging the participation of Young Europeans to the March of the LivingSince the first March of the Living was held in 1988, over 250,000 participants, from 52 countries, a majority of them teenagers and young adults, have marched down the 3-kilometer path from Auschwitz to Birkenau on Holocaust Remembrance Day – Yom Hashoah – as a silent tribute to all victims of the Holocaust.

Now we should ensure that more young people will listen to the last Holocaust witnesses and become the new generation of witnesses, keeping in mind Elie Wiesel’s legacy: “When you listen to a witness, you become a witness”

Reaching out and Engaging concerned European Citizens and March of the Living Alumni

  • Identifying young students and young adults who will commit themselves to be Guardians of Holocaust lasting memory.
  • Enhancing the capacity of the European March of the Living Network (EMOTL) partners to reach out, engage and involve their members and Alumni in effective actions to combat racism, antisemitism, xenophobia, intolerance and hate speech in EU member states

Reinforcing and expanding the European March of the Living Network

  • Ensuring the active participation of our partners and reaching out additional partners in order to reach out more European Citizens and enhance their participation in the activities of the network.
  • Reinforcing communications and exchange of views as well as exchange of best practices.
  • Supporting our members and partner organizations.

Establishing a Community of Concerned Teachers and Educators to exchange best practices and enhance the impact of Holocaust Remembrance and Holocaust education activities and initiatives.

  • Gathering leading teachers and educators who are teaching Holocaust in theirschools and accompany their students to the March of the Living in order to exchange best practices, and assess the impact of those activities on young generations.


  • Continuation of the implementation of the 4 Years Framework Plan
  • Co-organizing the Annual March of Tolerance in Budapest, with our Hungarian partner, mid-April 2019.
  • Co-organizing the first Conference of Emerging Leaders to combat Antisemitism and Racism on May 1, 2019 in Krakow, Poland
  • Enhanced participation to the 2019 March of the Living scheduled on May 2, in Auschwitz Birkenau camps.
  • First of its kind participation of a German delegation of 175 High school students from Orianenburg
  • Reaching out and organizing additional German delegations with 300-500 High School Students and their teachers to the 2020 March of the Living
  • Assisting our different Network partners organizing their delegation of High School students and Holocaust Educators to the 2019 March of the Living
  • Assisting our Romanian partners with the organization of their delegation accompanying the Romanian Prime Minister who will attend the 2019 March of the Living
  • Second Conference of the Community of Educators for Genocide Prevention, July 2019
  • First Annual Review Conference of the ESCAR – European Students Countering Antisemitism and Racism, summer 2019.


  1. Establishing the first of its kind European Network gathering and engaging associations and organizations of European Citizens, especially amongst the young generation, to reflect on the causes and the horrendous consequences of the Holocaust, to act on the Present by countering racism, antisemitism and racial bigotry in order to build a Better Future.
  2. In 8 months of work since the signature on the 2018 Grant agreement with the European Commission, the European March of the Living Network managed to reach out and engage on different levels of activity and involvement, 17 organizations (Jewish Communities, non-Jewish organizations and civil society) from 14 Members States.
  3. EMOTL initiated the first of its kind delegation of 175 high schools students and 15 teachers from Orianenburg (Germany) to the 2019 March of the Living.
  4. EMOTL organized the first of its kind meetings and exchange of best practices between its partners.
  5. EMOTL initiated pairing between its partners like MORAH Austria with 5,000 Alumni and new partners like RBF Germany, or between Educators from Tolerance Centers in Lithuania and Austrian and Greek Holocaust Educators.
  6. EMOTL strengthened an intensive partnership with 130 Tolerance Centers in Lithuanian which reached out and engaged some 20,000 High Schools students in Holocaust Remembrance activities in Lithuania over the last 10 years
  7. EMOTL initiated the creation of the Community of Educators for Genocide prevention
  8. EMOTL initiated and promoted the creation of ESCAR – European Students Countering Antisemitism and Racism who will be the flaggers of hate speech in social media and work to remove the most extremist and problematic posts.